Dental bonding appointments are quick, efficient, and economical.

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Are you searching for a solution for your minor smile flaw? Gapped, chipped, and uneven teeth can effortlessly be transformed by means of dental bonding.


What is dental bonding?

With bonding, a tooth-colored composite resin is applied and shaped to the tooth. Utilizing an ultraviolet light, the composite resin hardens and produces a beautiful restoration.


"Your service, professionalism and of course quality of result is unmatched. My teeth feel and look amazing."

- Kristin, Actual Patient

Real Patient Transformations

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Why should I choose bonding?

Dental bonding at our Boise office is a viable option among patients because:

  • It is affordable
  • Only requires a single visit
  • We provide an individualized treatment plan to fit your needs

Once we are aware of your expectations for a renewed smile, we efficiently and successfully implement the necessary changes.


Trust Your Smile with Dr. McKim

As a trained artist, Dr. Cynthia McKim has many years of experience with an impeccable eye for detail. You can be assured your new beautiful smile will reflect the most natural-looking proportions, color, and shades.

Schedule your appointment today to experience dental bonding. Boise dentist Dr. McKim can help you discover your smile solution.