Dental Crowns Boise

Finally, a solution to restore your smile's strength and function.


When a tooth becomes severely damaged, our dental crowns in Boise can be the solution to restore its beauty and function. Plus, crowns are crafted and expertly placed with the finest materials for lasting longevity.

At the Boise Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. McKim will partner with you to craft a beautiful crown perfect for your smile.


Am I a candidate for crowns?

Crowns may be needed if:

  • You have cracked or fractured teeth
  • Your teeth are severely decayed
  • You're finalizing treatment such as dental implants
  • You want to discreetly hide discolored or misshaped teeth

"As I walked into the dental office, I never expected that this particular visit would alter my life so dramatically. From the beginning, I felt comfortable and completely at ease."

- Adrienne R., Actual Patient

See the Beautiful Results

Your smile could be next.

Placing Crowns in 2 Visits

Every restoration service, including crowns, is meticulously planned to ensure natural, beautiful results. In two appointments, you can walk out of our doors with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Rest assured, we will never compromise the quality and beauty of your crowns. Dr. McKim and our reputable team are dedicated to presenting you a smile that will last a lifetime.


What can I expect?

  1. Dr. McKim will take impressions and photos of your tooth, which are sent to our talented ceramist for fabrications.
  2. Then, during your second appointment, Dr. McKim will fit and bond the crown to the appropriate tooth.